2013 Dole Lecture: “Ike’s Legacy”


Event details

2013 Dole Lecture: Ike's Legacy with Brigadier General Carl Reddel, Executive Director of the Eisenhower Memorial Commission Thursday, May 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Dole Institute

Ike is a personal hero of Bob Dole's, and the Dole Institute is proud to be honoring President Eisenhower's life and legacy with the annual Dole Lecture. Are you aware of the effort to honor Ike with a memorial on the national mall? Authorized in 1999 by an act of Congress, the Commission seeks to build a memorial fitting this great American and Kansan. General Reddel will talk about what Eisenhower means to America, as well as the status of building this national icon's memorial.


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