Kickstarter Showcase: Wonder Fair’s month-long city art and adventure project


Event details

7:30 to 8:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 1 Signs of Life, 722 Massachusetts St., Lawrence

We will be chatting with Meredith Moore from Wonder Fair at the conclusion of their month-long city art and adventure project, The Secret Order of the Black Diamond.

Meredith will describe how Wonder Fair used Kickstarter to promote and fund this project and will share how the related events and activities unfolded throughout the month of April. The Kickstarter project page is available at here.

For anyone who has tried to promote a community event, this conversation will be particularly interesting as Wonder Fair had the dueling goals of making the project accessible and also maintaining its secret society status.

Located in dynamite downtown Lawrence, Wonder Fair is an art gallery, screen printing studio, handmade haven, design and illustration studio, art merchandise vendor and artist workshop.


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