Fatty to Flatty (skatepark benefit video, show and fundraiser)


Event details

A night of unparalleled buckness! Come one and come all to see the unveiling of Lawrence's own JP Redmon's skatepark montage (not to mention the slew of face-melting bands and the awe-inspiring product giveaway). Video features Lawrence locals you know and love ripping their as-of-yet uncompleted park. A meager $5 helps pave the way for future generations of unforetold athletic achievement AND gets you in to hear - Up the Academy Pizza Party Massacre and Sedlec Ossuary and to stand to inherit products from Real, Slave, DGK, Emerica, Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag, Mystic Magic, Catspray, White Chocolate, and Spitfire if your heart be true.

Be there or lament in purgatory for your wrong decision...

Oh yeah. And it's for the kids. The Kids and America.


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