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Henry's Coffee Shop 11 East 8th

Final Fridays Opening: June 28th, 6-9pm Pocket Trade Party: Tuesday, July 23rd, 7 pm, at Henry's Upstairs, welcome to the public, come meet the artists, or just enjoy a cocktail!!


As summer approaches there is a buzz of creativity and collaboration in the air.

For the Month of July, Henry's Coffee Shop will showcase twenty-five local artists that have been asked to create, one- 5" x 5" piece of artwork or smaller -thus- pocket sized. No theme, no holding back, just a demonstration of what each artist does best. At the end of July, the artists will gather at Henry's Upstairs and a spontaneous trade will take place allowing each artist to walk a way with a new piece of the show. Supporting each other as Lawrence continues to grow in its arts culture, is a key factor in keeping collaboration, conversation, and comraderie alive.

Artists Include: Jason Barr, Andrew Burkitt, Michaela Carmen, Benedict Demmer, Franklin Fantini, Alycia Futrelle, Jesse Gray, Andrew Jilka, Erok Johanssen, Leslie Kay, Kelly Kearns, Alicia Kelly, Michael Krueger, Kate Larson, Adam Lott, Aaron Marable, Jasmine Mccaffrey, Marie Mckenzie, Jeromy Morris, Yoonmi Nam, Solace Naeymi, Clinton Ricketts, Jeremy Rockwell, Jessica Rold, and Samantha Wardy.


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