Final Friday Lawrence Art Party Sponsored by Lawrence Creates And the Lawrence Art Guild


Event details

The Lawrence Creates makerspace is open at its fabulous new location! We are going to celebrate with a HUGE Lawrence Art Party in partnership with the Lawrence Art Guild and 22 amazing artists, Darrell Lea hosting an evening of music of the Beatles, ice cold Free State Copperhead beer and other refreshments, and much more.

We are also going to have very special creative activity hosted by Lawrence Creates co-founder and internationally known creativity expert Barbara Kerr!

Our amazing lineup of artists includes: • Isabel Bohems • Mary Brooks • Eddie Croissant • Donna Dennis • Rachel Forrest • Monica George • Neil Goss • Leo Hayden • Sarah Kunen • Der Lee • Brad Levy • Maria Martin • Kevin A. Mimms • Ursula Minor • George Paley • Jim Pickard • Tessa Reuber • Troy Richardson • Thomas Richmond • Lesa Weller • Tammy Meade West • Jessica Wisneski

Sign up and invite your friends to join you for a great time at our Facebook event page


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