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The Retro Cocktail Hour Presents: Cinema Con Queso!

It's another night of South of the Border cinema insanity when we present The Curse of the Aztec Mummy and The Ship of Monsters...two classic Mexican monster movies from the 1950s...on Friday, June 28, at Liberty Hall.

The Curse of the Aztec Mummy is part of a famous trilogy of mummy movies made in the late 1950s. Besides the mummy, this one also features a masked luchador hero, El Angel! The evil Dr. Krupp is after some lost Aztec treasure when he runs up against the mummy Popoca.

The Ship of Monsters may be the world's first sci-fi musical comedy western. Gorgeous babes from Venus land on Earth in search of men to help re-populate their planet. Along for the ride are a giant robot, a spider man, cyclops, a big-brained dude with a terrible skin condition and a talking horse skeleton.

Join us on Friday, June 28, for another night of incredibly strange cinema!


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