FREE NBA Jam Tournament! PRIZES! 21+


Event details

Stop by the Casbah during Gamer Night for an NBA JAM tournament!! This will be 1 vs. 1 format and played across three systems (rules explained below). Its FREE to enter and the winner will get gift card, T-Shirt, bar prizes and more!! As always during Gamer Night, $2 shots of Fireball Whiskey and $3 8-bit Pale Ale Pints!!

For all games: no gameplay cheats allowed.

Round 1: NBA Hangtime on the N64 (no created or secret characters allowed) Round 2: NBA Jam 2012 on the Xbox 360 (no special teams, but you CAN use legend players such as Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Shaq, etc.) Final 4/Finals: The original NBA Jam on SEGA! (no secret characters)

*If you haven't played one of these versions...fear not...the controls are the EXACT same...Hangtime and Jam 2012 have alley oops and team fire, the original does not. Otherwise all the same.

This will take place right in the middle of the NBA Finals!! See you there!!


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