EMU Theatre Fundraising Event at The Replay Lounge


Event details

EMU Theatre will be holding a fundraising event on Sunday, June 9th 2013 at The Replay Lounge located at 946 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, Kansas. Admission fee is $3.00 at the door with proceeds going to support EMU future theatrical productions.

The show will be emceed by Ed Parker and will feature musical performances from Beers With the Barnes Brothers, Holographics and Skree!. There will also be musical burlesque from Foxy By Proxy’s Red Delicious, Frenchy Fondelle and Dolly Dimples as well reprises of two ten-minute plays from EMU’s recent play festival Snake, Rattle and Role; Tall Tale, written by Janette Salisbury and starring Ashley Pool, Quinton Cheney, Christoph Cording and Bailey Slater and Emilia’s Lover, written by Feloniz Lovato-Winston and starring Bobby Bierley, Eva Nelson and Carol Holstead. There will be a silent art auction as well as a raffle for special prizes.

EMU Theatre is an independent Lawrence-based theatre group founded in 1998 by a collective of actors, writers and performers dedicated to mounting projects which foster a spirit of cooperation and artistic growth among all artists working in the theatre. The company believes in providing opportunity for creative persons seeking an outlet for their form or artistic expression. EMU provides the opportunity for any and all actors, directors, producers, writers regardless of all experience levels; from theater majors to professionals, to those who have done it in the past and want to again or have just always wanted to be a part of the theatrical experience.

Since EMU is a non-profit company, we are in a constant state of raising funds via our shows and advertisers and now we will be holding a fundraising event to help us continue to provide with quality, affordable entertainment to the people of Lawrence.

Our goal as a company is to further the appreciation of arts and performance in the Lawrence community while promoting and contributing to the city’s rich cultural history. We draw and maintain our strength with an ever-growing membership of veterans and volunteers, keeping the local flavor and increasing a presence in the local arts scene.


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