Social Media Show and Tell


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FREE EVENT - Join the Social Media Club this Wednesday as we hear 3 case studies of using social media locally and professionally. Speakers include:

Debbi Johanning - Sandbar and the social promotion for the block party coming up in August. Debbie can talk about how they are using Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter and their website/blog to promote the event as well as how those tools all integrate with each other to maximize promotions.

Steve Dahlberg - The Lawrence TimeMachine project is an historical database of places in Lawrence, Kansas with a time-machine experience for the user dialing back exterior and interior views of city blocks, buildings, and businesses through the years, decades, and centuries, with building and business histories as well as public discussion walls tied to each physical location.

Joshua Davis - Software such as Marketo and HubSpot is enabling marketers to better track, respond to and promote sales leads through the customer journey. Josh will provide a quick overview of what this software does and the benefits it provides.


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