Kaw Valley Quilters Guild - Kim Taylor: “Star Quilts as a Native American Symbol”


Event details

Lecture: The Star Quilt Industry on Fort Peck Indian Reservation “The missionaries brought the craft of quilting to the Indian reservations on the Northern Plains at the end of the 19th century. Many different patchwork patterns were used by the Native American quilters until the 1930s when star quilts became the predominant pattern. Based on my Master thesis research in cultural anthropology at the University of Montana, this presentation will explore why the star quilt was adopted as an indigenous art form by the Sioux and Assiniboine quilters. A slide show presentation will focus on the quilters, their brilliantly colored quilts, and the tradition of the giveaway ceremony. Today star quilts are the most prestigious item on a giveaway pile. It is an honor to receive a star quilt, but a greater honor to have one given away in your name.


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