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IT'S ALL GOING TO COME TO CRASHING HALT WHEN 10 OF THE FRESHEST MC'S MEET FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ONLY WHAT CAN BE DESCRIBED AS THE BIGGEST REAL HIP HOP EVENT IN LAWRENCE SINCE THE LAST ONE! THIS IS THE EVENT OF 2013... OTHERS WILL HAVE TO BREACH IN ORDER TO GET ON THIS LEVEL. CONVERGENCE ON THE BOTTLENECK - 737 NEW HAMPSHIRE - DOWNTOWN - LAWRENCE, KS. JANUARY 16, 2013 REAL HIP HOP HEADS IN FREE 'TIL 10PM!!! SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! IF YOU DON'T SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE, DON'T GET UPSET IF/WHEN THEY SAY, " KANSAS WHO?" BRAVE THE COLD AND BRING YOUR HIP HOP BRAIN... REAL HIP HOP... FAKERS ARE DOING SHOWS ELSEWHERE. Anthemous landed in Kansas in 2003, ending a career in the U.S. NAVY. Born and raised in Chicago, IL... Anthemous has seen his share of criminal activity and violence that took place all around him,some he was involved in at an alarmingly young age. He, however, had a penchant for reading and self improvement; even at that alarmingly young age. Music was something I was just good at. My brother and I would sing the R&B songs popular of the time on their way to school; taking the different parts of each song. I understood even then the flair for theatrics and at times involved myself with famous theatre troupes such as, Steppenwolf, and Second City. I left Chicago for the Navy at 20 years of age. Not realizing I would not return. Kansas proved to be a difficult arena to maneuver in such vehicles as hip hop,and rap. Most venues wouldn't take the chance to book not only an unknown, but a *GASP* rapper at that! There have been bookings in Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City, Manhattan, and Emporia which went well because I had "carte blanche" and was able to connect with great local acts that work as hard as I do. I have been recording music for over ten years and have been trying to become commercially successful at it for five years. I do not sell out though. My music is not like any you'll hear from anybody for thousands of miles around. I don't rap about gangster stuff (even though I've been there), and I don't rap like I from New York with a lisp and Wu-Tang sphinx-like lyrics. Either way, in this region both styles are fake and full of shit. and it's still all imitating something else they have heard. I rap the way I want to, speak on the subjects I feel are important, and perform with static energy. My beats (I made 'em) are like the industry and not "local-sounding" at all. But you be the judge. So here is where I leave you, with a thought... What is hip hop? Is it a music form? A culture? A way of life? Why do we pick up a pen and paper to write down our most in-depth thoughts? The main problem is that many pick up that pen and immortalize themselves in spite of their lack of talent and purpose. Drive? They may have it indeed, but the line between writing a song and writing nonsense is increasingly becoming blurry. I will give my most creative self to this endeavor. Either you're with me or against me. I've been hailed as a most credible voice for the future of hip hop. Why bother looking for marketability when you have eternity on your side. For when this age is over, only the music that can stand the test of time, will. I don't know what the future holds, I can only hope the people will one day demand substance from the culture they consume... Or, I'll really be lost forever. Dirty D aka King Kihei; is the first major hip hop artist of Hawaiian descent in history! Born in Honolulu, raised in Los Angeles and Kansas City, Dirty D has experienced many different walks of life. With an uncanny ability to mesh these influences within his lyricism and music, Dirty D brings an unprecedented style to the world never witnessed before! Not only has Dirty D become one of the biggest names in the Kansas City music scene, he has had the rare opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Bobby Valentino, David Banner, Afroman, and Jagged Edge just to name a few. Cancer survivor, Guinness Book of World Record holder (for the longest poetry reading ever) and community activist, Dirty D does not plan on ending his ability to accomplish greatness any time soon. So don’t miss out on your chance to experience history in the making. Antimosity Anything worth possessing is worth sacrificing, even fighting for, and your career is no exception to the rule. For the Wichita, Kansas native Antimosity, the nine years that he has been grinding to maximize his full potential as a hip hop recording artist has been well worth the wait. With the advent of his independent debut album, Locals Only on Madwest Music Group, the charismatic wordsmith is well prepared for everything coming his way, because he worked hard to get here. Antimosity began writing rhymes at the young age of twelve and over the years his music has grown and matured from unformatted written freestyles to eloquent,genre-bending, politically charged, musically adventurous, and genuinely entertaining full length songs. He uses metaphor and exaggeration to drive home his message; intellect and the gift of gab allowed him to overcome more challenges in his youth than most people face in a lifetime. An avid music fan, Antimosity's influences range from Kool G Rap to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. He draws inspiration from his beliefs, current events and his own personal life to shape a future in hip hop. Antimosity's aim is to smash the boundaries that divide Hip Hop and to be a universal voice for the enlightment and up liftment of all people, regardless of their differences. With the upcoming independent release of his debut album, Locals Only, A third installment of the mix tape series WORD ON THE STREET ,continuing high voltage energy performances and a pending contract with a major it is easy to understand why the Naked City Magazine says "Antimosity is something honest and unapologetic while lacking the store-bought persona that so many rappers have". Antimosity's drive to write songs that bend the hip hop genre are politically fueled plus musically daring while entertaining audiences with powerful performances is unparalleled and will only continue to ripen with the more success he achieves. Feeling this form of antimosity is good for the soul. Kewlkidd Jones: behind ever talent , there's a men with process and technology who has the talent to make the world spin , Kewlkidd Jones was born in Manhattan,Ks 1992 but raised in Topeka,Ks most of his child hood he is the next unsigned artist you should be looking for as the internet and blog sites type they have whats new from this local artist , some labels like whats going on and what they see in this artist he has the hypertension sustained release only to do what no other rapper/singer has done. Kewlkidd Jones is now in the recording studio working very hard on his new and up coming album. he is thinking of a subtitle as we speak a pond it ,check this out Kewlkidd Jones says " On this album ima let my fans decide on what the subtitle should be? Ethic: You know what it is on sight. Born and raised in Overland Park / Olathe Kansas Started writing in 2010 Big thangs on the way. Be ready. Young Stone: BORN AND RAISE IN NEW ORLEANS,LA MOVED TO THE MIDWEST AND POSTED UP AND GOT A COUPLE CITIES ON HIS BACK 23 IN THE GAME AND COMIN HARD OUT HERE CHECK YA BOY OUT MUCH LOVE TO EVERYBODY GOT MUCH LOVE FOR YA BOY AND TO ALL MY HATAS KEEP HATIN ITS MAKIN ME WORK HARDER HOLLA... Bak N Tha Day The Dynamic duo and its NOT Batman & Robin, but It a couple of the white boys from Top-City,KS. Were not new to the music scene 7yrs in the game, of course were underground so if ur like who the fuck are these guys thats why. But our music is different compared to most, Its not for everyone though we know not many peeps will like our music. But yet our music is badass at the same time. Our First actually FULL LENGTH "Big Tits & Bong Rips", just came out. 20 trax of freshness for you to party to. Solo albums for B.Loc and R.T.Y.D in the worx as we speak, so keep your ears peeled for that shit cause when it drops completely its gonna change the Local underground music scene forever. K.A.N.E. was born 'Kane James' in 1992. Music was always a major part of life but at the same time so has struggle, crime, and many other negative influences for Kane. Trying to find ways to make it through all of the average troubles of someone at the breaking point he resorted to someone or something that has been there for him since day one. Music. Kane began writing songs about struggling life at around the age of 12, however never thought he would ever make something of it. Around the age of 15 he dropped out of school and started getting heavily enfluenced by crime and greed. After struggling to live on his own at the age of 16 he turned all of his focus towards drugs and alcohol in a way to release. Finally, at the age of 17 Kane discovered he had a true talent for music. In just 10 months he had recorded 6 cd's and over 60 songs all together. He started by handing out free mixtapes of his music to get himself heard, and now all you have to do is listen once to become an instant fan. After becoming part of Sashay Productions officially in late spring 2011, he is making many changes on his own. Sashay has added him to their already talented group of artists such as T-Tyme, Yella Mac (who is also part of Pratt City Music), and Lady Ace. Kane is carrying the weight of Sashay on his shoulders along with CEO Marva Marie's help, slowly taking them to the top. Along with receiving offers from Sashay in 2011, Kane has made a partnership with Divine Soundz Ent. & DJ Andre Swift. In June 2011 Kane also started work on attempting to run his own label Studio Geek Ent. Studio Geek Ent. and Sashay Productions are continuing the climb along with two new artists Charlie Able and Stax. Managing artists egos and lives along with his own became a challenge and by fall 2011 Sashay Productions (Studio Geek Ent management) left K.A.N.E. managing and producing the entire label alone. Continuing the fight with the S.G.E. team and group of followers by his side, Kane pushed and got his 2012 tour set-up quickly. Many changes for the entire team are to come in 2012. Spring 2012, Kane James is hotter than ever. Beginning to become something around the northern part of Missouri, and eastern parts of Kansas. The Studio Geek team of artists go under many changes. Switching management and production companies. Now releasing T-Tyme, Young Stax, & Lady Ace. Picking up J-Burden, & Z3RO they keep themselves looking straight up. Performing with Eternal from Wu-Tang and closing deal after deal, and show after show he continues pushing. After the pick up of the new artists, Kane decided that he needed an even larger team so he started a management and production group, "Strange Taste Productions" and gave the ownership of the company to a childhood friend to help run every aspect of the team. Look out world. Studio Geek Entertainment is ready for 2012.


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