Nomadic JUNGLE FUNK (Aotearoa) + Locals Plains @ JAZZHAUS


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Have you lost your hips? Are you secretly concerned your wiggle is missing its waggle? Do you often sigh as you search for your nonexistant boo-tay in storefront windows and reflective doorjambs all across your neighborhood? FEAR NOT INHIBITED FACEBOOKER!! WE WILL GIFT YOU BACK YOUR STINKYSTANK! WE WILL REJIGGLE YOUR JANGLES! WE WILL PUMP YOU SO FULL OF FILTHY FUNK LOVIN YOU'LL HAVE TO ROLL YOUR ROUND TUSH HOME. 10PM $5 10 - Plains: 11:15 - Aotearoa: Aotearoa: Aotearoa (A-O-TAY-UH-ROW-UH), the two-man jungle-funk explosion have built their reputation on endless touring. Pointing the van Westward in 2010, the forty subsequent states and countless stages have have brought into the world their debut LP "STRANGE WEATHER." Heralded by the band as an American ode to booty-sweat and a drunken eulogy to apathy, the songs are seasoned by the highway and only truly come alive in person. The guitar / drum duo is comprised of mufti-instrumentalists Jacob Lerman and Ilan Gitter who by way of sample free live-looping and a notoriously raucous live show have managed to take the familiar dance-rock form back to it's long dormant animalistic roots. (They will eat your worries.) Plains: Plains man, plains


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