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Think Energizing, eclectic excentricity. Live before your naked steaming eyes presented in full color, full throttle, multi-genderized, sensually perpetualized, live audible porn without the sex, Gene without Kiss, Slash without GnR, Bennie without the Jets! Add to that, Gaga with Wonderwoman! Think Bombastardized retro-fitted tubthumping pumping in the form of zero-tolerance power-pop, body bopping thirst dropping grind-infused seductivity with a slice of cheese thrown in for a silly, soggy, super imposed joy ride with the non-stop pants dropping rulers of the covership enterprise. Think viagra for the eyes, the party and the dancefloor! If you want to hear music, hire a DJ. If you want to see a show. Look no further than Sellout. Right here in this very club sooner than you think! But beware, clothing tends to end up on the floor by the end of the night!


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