Sixth Annual Lawrence Busker Festival


Event details

The Freaks, Geeks, Oddballs, and Fools will be back in full force August 23-25, as the Busker Festival returns to downtown Lawrence, KS. Produced by Vodvill Entertainment Company, the 6th annual Lawrence Busker Festival showcases over 20 jaw-dropping acts on the downtown streets of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Buskers, incredible street performers, will do their best to shock and awe in almost every nook and cranny of downtown Lawrence. Sword Swallowers, Flaming Jugglers, Acrobatic Dancers, and Fire Eaters have blown audiences away in the past, and this year looks to be no different. Peter Rabbit, the worlds fastest street percussionist will beat out a wild rhythm on buckets that anyone can move to. Jamey Mossengren from Australia joins us with his award winning unicycling show. Jamey is the 7 time World Unicycle Champion (yes, they do have contests for that) and he promises to show us why during his first year with this wild and crazy weekend.


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