Theatre Audtions: “Ragtime”


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Sunday & Monday April 14 & 15 -7pm Don't miss auditions for the first show on the new stage!!! Scripts available in the box office now with deposit. Box office hours: M-F 11:30-4:30 * 843-7469

Directed by Mary Doveton Music Direction by Mary Baker Choreography by Barb Wasson

Please have a song prepared. Accompanist will be available. Wear shoes that you can dance in.

Rehearsals will begin April 28. Shows are scheduled (pending construction completion) for June 21-July 7.

Ragtime is a musical featuring a cross section of Americans. Performers of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes are encouraged to audition. Because race is a thematic cornerstone of Ragtime, some roles will have to be cast along race lines: ie: Mother/Father, Younger Brother must read as Caucasion on stage; Sarah/Coalhouse must read as African American on stage etc.

The following is a list of CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS: There are also numerous adult ensemble roles for men and women of all ethnicities.

Principal Roles - 5 women/9 men/2 children Ages approximate

Mother: Caucasian, 25 - 40. Graceful and gracious on the surface, a product of the American upper class. Also spirited, intelligent and fiercely independent. Voice: Soprano with a strong belt

Coalhouse: African American man, early 20s - late 30s. A man of power, presence, edge, integrity and charisma whose final resort to violence is the climax of the story. Voice: Baritone

Tateh: Caucasian man, 30 - 45. Dynamic Jewish immigrant. Challenges his old life and seeks a better one for his daughter. Voice: Baritone

Sarah: African American. 18 - 35 Lovely, passionate, headstrong, yet innocent. Acts on her emotions without thinking. Voice: Strong belter

Father: Caucasian, 30 - 45. A salesman; a good, proud, upstanding citizen. Represents the traditional views held by many turn-of-the-century Americans. Voice: Baritone

Younger Brother: Caucasian, 18 - 30. Idealistic and difficult, he searches for a sense of self. Obsessed with Evelyn Nesbit, he later becomes a Young Revolutionary and joins The Coalhouse Gang to fight injustice. Voice: Strong tenor.

Little Boy: Caucasian, age 8 - 12 to play age 10. Precocious, intelligent, observant and curious. Actor must have excellent diction! Little Girl: Eastern European, Caucasian, age 10 - 14 to play age 10 - 12. Character is appealing, fragile, earnest. Grandfather: Caucasian, 50s - 70s. Feisty, upper-class old gentleman. Baritone. Evelyn Nesbit: Caucasian, 20s. Pretty, sexy, self-aware and funny. The symbol of sex and beauty at the turn of the (20th) century. Soprano. Houdini: Caucasian. Magician and performer. Baritone. Henry Ford: Caucasian, 30s - early 40s. Inventor. Folksy. Full of himself. Tenor. J. P. Morgan: Caucasian. Incredibly wealthy financier. Portly. Pompous, blustering. Baritone. Emma Goldman: Caucasian. Anarchist and social activist. Earthy, warm, ironic, full-voiced. Alto. Willie Conklin: Caucasian. Fire Chief Conklin acts hostilely toward Coalhouse. Must have a certain amount of humor, with the menace simmering underneath. Baritone. Booker T. Washington: African American. Well-educated orator and leader who preaches friendship and cooperation between whites and blacks. Baritone. Sarah's Friend: African American. Warm, soulful gospel singer/actress who plaintively and ferociously leads the Harlem Ensemble during Sarah's funeral.

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