Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony


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  • Event posted: April 5, 2013
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Event details

Join us in remembering the 6 million who perished in the Holocaust. Sponsored by KU Hillel and the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation.

On Wednesday, April 10th, KU Hillel and the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation (LJCC) will be pairing up to host a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony for Yom HaShoah. The ceremony will take place from 7-8pm in the Alderson Auditorium of the Kansas Union.

The ceremony will be framed around having six different groups of speakers, each lighting a candle after they speak, to represent the six million Jews who perished during the Holocaust. The night will start with a KU Hillel student reading a story about someone who died in the Holocaust and lighting a candle in memory of all those who did not survive. KU’s Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little as well as the Mayor of Lawrence, Bob Schumm, will light the second candle and will read a text from righteous gentiles, non-Jewish people that risked their lives to protect the Jewish people during the Holocaust. The third candle will be in memory of the liberators of the camps and a member of the LJCC will speak about a specific liberator who just passed away last week in New York.

Then, two third-generation Holocaust survivors will speak, one whose grandparents were in the Holocaust and the other whose grandfather was an American soldier and helped to liberate the camps. The fifth speaker will be a KU student, who went on March of the Living, but has no ancestors that were in the Holocaust and why they still feel a connection to it. The sixth and final candle will be lead by a student representative from KU’s African Students Association who will speak about genocide that is still happening in the world today.

“The KU Hillel staff, representatives of the LJCC and a group of students have been meeting now for weeks,” said Carly Stein, KU Hillel’s program director. “We have been working hard to figure out exactly how to commemorate the Holocaust. Now that many of the Holocaust survivors are gone, we really feel it is important to continue to remember what happened and are very positive that this will be impactful in a way that KU has not seen before. When we began planning we really wanted to get the whole Lawrence community involved. We are ecstatic that KU’s Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, as well as the Mayor of Lawrence, Bob Schumm, have agreed to participate in the ceremony.”

“The partnership between KU Hillel, the LJCC, KU’s African Students Association, the University of Kansas, as well as the city of Lawrence, gives me hope that the entire community can bond together to remember such a horrific part of our past so that it will never happen again,” said Stein.


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