Iji / BLACK WAMPUM / In Glove With Bach


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This is a real show, not a joke.

They may sound like fake bands, but they are REAL! Look them up on the internet.

Will members of the Secret Order of the Black Diamond assemble? Will there be clues? We don't know, it is a mystery even to us. But there will performances from the following REAL bands:

Iji http://ijiiji.bandcamp.com/ Represented by the smooth guitar playing and bird-like singing of Zach Burba and the wild sax musings of Joe DeGeorge

In Glove With Bach http://joedegeorge.bandcamp.com/ Joe DeGeorge plays the same Bach invention, with progressively more impractical gloves. Hijinks ensue.

BLACK WAMPUM https://www.facebook.com/blackwampum Legendary CLAM ROCK band makes their full-band, midwest debut. Can you dig it?

For your reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_clam

All this and more at Wonder Fair 803 and 1/2 Mass St Lawrence, KS 8pm


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