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Mountain Sprout is a highly energetic hillbilly music machine, spitting original tunes and blowing minds with original whitty lyrics and face melting musicianship. The Sprouts are a full time working band and play shows all year round for anyone who will listen. Whether it be Grayson VanSickle playing his machine gun banjo, singing out the novel of our lives or guitarist Adam Waggs, who yanks up the melody up by the ear and keeps you kickin'. With a smile on his face, Daniel Redmond pulls out cannon fire no tes pounding the stand-up, dog house bass, and Blayne Thiebaux gives the crowd a spectacular show, burnin' rosin and bendin' air, exploding the fiddle while bursting into flames. Together, they are MOUNTAIN SPROUT.

Playing around 250 shows a year, including music festivals, concert halls and backwood hole in the walls. They have performed in venues large and small. From opening up for national icons Willie Nelson and Leonn Russel to performing with jam band titans such as Yonder Mountain String Band and Wide Spread Panic. You can find them hanging out with home grown legends like Split Lip Rayfield, Randy Crouch and countless other amazing musicians. Always opening up another beer or a sheltered mind at the local and not-so-local bars, MOUNTAIN SPROUT is always truly a crowd favorite.

After forming several renditions, the band made a final pact in ‘06. Since then MOUNTAIN SPROUT has released multiple recordings preceded by the infamous “Pornobilly”(2005) that earned a place in everyones heart. Then officially releasing their original debut album "One More for the Ditch"(2007), followed by a collection of traditional tunes entitled "Fambilly Hour"(2008), and tapped from source with another CD of original songs called "Into the Sun"(2009). With there latest smash hit album for the collection “Habits to Feed”(2010).

Now with much more to come from the Mudstomp Records family and the Pipeline Productions power house, Mountain Sprout is here to push the limits! Just make contact with plenty of advance notice so that you too can enjoy the live supernatural performance of the Mountain Sprout and if you all just want to party, well thats we do best, so let us set the mood for an amazing experience anytime; every time.

When Lauren Krum left her life and soul band behind in Chicago, her new project, The Grisly Hand, was the silver lining of her return to Kansas City. For years she’d wanted to make music with Jimmy Fitzner and Chas Snyder, who’d been playing the local indie and punk circuit since the mid 90s and were known by then as the band From Before (previously Tanka Ray and Dead Dora), and Johnny Nichols (The Uprights).

Within months of Krum’s return, in early 2009 The Grisly Hand played its first show. Anything but grisly, the initial incarnation featured Krum’s sultry, soulful alto set against a perfectly-balanced backdrop of memorable melodies from Fitzner (guitar, vocals), Nichols (bass) and Snyder (drums). But none of them had any idea how quickly Kansas City would embrace their “American sing-ish” sound — a style perfected in the basement of Fitzner’s home, the nick-namesake of their brand-new EP “Safe House.”

As the venues and audiences grew, the band did, too. Armed with a banjo, keyboard and a bag full of musical tricks, Mike Tuley (Ad Astra Per Aspera, The Short Bus Kids) joined The Grisly Hand in late 2009. And in 2010, singer/songwriter and road veteran Ben Summers (The Controlled, Eyesight Television, U.S. Americans), was so enamored with Krum’s new band that he moved his base from Chicago to Kansas City to be a part of it. Around that same time, multi-instrumentalist Kian Byrne (New Riddim) brought his fiddle into the mix.

By 2010, The Grisly Hand had won the hearts of Kansas City’s music fans as well as a Pitch Music Award for best folk/Americana band. With the acclaim of regional and touring acts, the burgeoning band has already shared bills with Devotchka, Ha Ha Tonka, The Magpies, Split Lip Rayfield, Truckstop Honeymoon and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Now, with their first EP and a hit single (“Paris of the Plains”) that’s been getting non-stop radio attention for nearly a year, the Grisly Hand is ready to hit the road. Demencha magazine calls their songs perfect for road trips but no matter where their music takes them, The Grisly Hand will always call the Midwest home.

Hailing from the rolling hills of Kansas, Tyler Gregory can regularly be found busking on city streets with his deep voice and steam-powered melodies bouncing off the street-side architecture. His sturdy songcraft takes cues from WWII-era blues bellowers like Leadbelly and Son House.

Gregory's mix of blues and roots music howls with a sense of passion and freedom. Singing songs portraying stories of travel, land, and the meaning of simplicity, Gregory goes full force on his guitar/stomp-box live performance arrangements.


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