Mad Kings / 1950 D.A./ Robocopter


Event details

1950 D.A. Forged in the collapsing heart of a dark matter star and spun out like the rest of you into tiny tendrils of consciousness, flecks of light to briefly spark and catch fire here in the place where we are, 1950da fumbles sophisticated and ancient plant knowledge in a nightmare conflagration of Hamm’s the beer refreshing and old-tube amps till we echo in your head while you lie abed dreaming, dreaming dreams wherein our bowling team, this the 1950da bowling team, ste ps from muscle cars onto pavement smoking with roaches to dress down the barber’s team or whatever else you take in your narcotic slumber for what a man does and how it sounds, like a divine carnival in a cyclone, when you are with us there and we start to play.

Past and current bands include: Paw, Slurry, Brody Buster Band and Dissapointing Second.


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