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The Magic Mole Marcy and Sara are two ordinary girls struggling with home and school life when they discover a magic portal which will take them anywhere they desire; as long as they say, "I wish." After using the portal for adventures around this Earth they decide to put their dreams to the test and travel to a new world called Arcadia, inhabited by trolls, elves, faeries and more excitement then they ever could have envisioned possible. While exploring Arcadia they discover unexpected knowledge, make choices that will test their friendship and get answers to some of their questions regarding why they were chosen to receive such a powerful gift and who is the mysterious man who saves them in their dreams; all of this and they still have to get home in time for dinner.

New Alliances Having barely escaped Morian's attempt to retrieve her magic mole from Marcy, the girls are back on Earth and forbidden to use the portal until Uncle Dave, or Davi as he's known to the elves, arrives in town. However, one week can be too long to wait when you're thirteen-years-old and in the possession of one of the most powerful magic objects in the multiverse. Only days go by before Marcy begs Sara to use the mole with her to have another adventure. Is it really Marcy wanting to break the rules or does the mole have an agenda of its own? New forces are aligning. What heinous revenge does Morian have planned? Will she be able to convince the dark elf king to join her war against the high elves? What sinister talisman did she unearth to aid her evil designs? Find out all of this and more when you read the second book in the trilogy of The Adventures of Marcy and Sara.

Journey to the Palace of Ice The third installment in The Adventures of Marcy and Sara trilogy follows Marcy and Sara across the Isle of Seasons as they search for the only known object which can save their elven friends. As the road becomes more treacherous their enemy is closing in with every step they take. Will they find the Staff of Aralon in time to save Aeiin and Caeik?

Martha grew up in Overland Park, KS with her four brothers (including her one-minute older twin) and two sisters. Late in High School she began her love of writing by creating hilarious short stories and way too sappy poetry. After the birth of her first daughter she began to write entire novels and has now completed three. Martha currently lives in a rural setting north of Lawrence, has two daughters, and works at The Java Break as a barista.

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