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The History of White Ghost Shivers

"I fell in love with two songs by Bob Wills from 1935 and '36 and never thought I would get to hear that kind of music live in my lifetime- The White Ghost Shivers changed all that. There is no band more lively and fun than White Ghost Shivers and they should be recognized as a unique step in modern music history.

The music they play fits the times again, the times we live in, as much as the wild era of its origin. The days of speakeasies and juke-joints were not exactly "square"… in songs during the years of 1927-1937, echoes of what would become rock and roll are heard, as its elements were coming to life for the first time, a twinkle in the eye of the music of the day.

This band is a treasure."

-The Internet, 2007

The Mission The above quote touches on nearly every level of what we find to be important: The idea that in order to do justice to this "old-timey" music today, it must be displayed in a fashion that just PEELS YOUR FACE OFF!- just as groups did during the first half of the last century. The ever-evolving inspiration behind White Ghost Shivers has always been to replicate our own favorite music and art by blending the near-forgotten past with the somewhat ridiculous, yet necessary formula of the present, and what will be the future.

Perhaps we have benefited by the fact that we were all rock-n-rollers as kids who later stumbled upon Wills, Django, Lang… only to discover that it was these players that kicked ass harder than any of our still beloved rock idols. We, as did our internet blogger, saw this connection of fusing these two (plus) styles of music together; simultaneously kicking ass like our rock god idols and Jazz pioneering heroes, thus creating a force that somehow transcends all genres. We felt this correlation had not been fully explored and knew it was our duty to bridge the gap.

Demonstrating just how animated and wickedly entertaining this "old timey" music was and still is became the White Ghost Shivers’ mission!



An alternative blues singer songwriter who has reached the depths of certainty in his song writing. A musical conviction clearly heard in every note. Timeless, raw and human.

Longer story:

I am a professional musician with over 20 yrs of experience. Born and raised in NY, but now residing in Kansas City, MO; I am purely enlightened by the strength and community that exists here.

I am in the business of music and with that comes personal, spiritual and financial interests. Those who are true fans and wish for my music to be part of their lives, will contribute with honor and appreciation, adding their stamp of quality to what I do. I don't give away songs or merchandise in hopes to gain new fans, however I do find ways to reward those who show true interest and dedication. "FREE does not hold value" and I wish to be valued by my fans old and new. For those who have loved and supported my large musical body of work all these years, it is with great appreciation and honor for life.

What I strongly wish to offer you in return and is one of the main reasons I create music, is for inspiration, happiness, sadness & love.

Thank you with gratitude... Mike Borgia




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