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  • Event posted: Oct. 1, 2012
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Easy to fall in love with, hard not to dance to, and plain difficult to describe, Antioquia is gaining momentum across the nation with a string of tour dates stopping for the day at Jazzhaus on Thursday October 4th.

Jazzhaus 926 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, KS 66044 (785) 749-3320

Oakland, California's Antioquia [an-tee-OH-kee-ah] offers you their third album, Viajero, a collection of tunes that examines their opposing desires of life in the city and escape from society. Dennis Cook of Dirty Impound says the new album is "bursting with life" and Wildy Haskell of Wildy's World says "Viajero flirts with brilliance throughout." Peppered with fits of improvisation, bouts of silliness and fiery percussion pieces performed amidst the crowd, the audience is brought closer to the stage and closer to each other. In addition to the album, the band released a music video by Slovakian animators Ove Pictures for their song "Idaho." ( Antioquia is touring the U.S. through October to support the new album (and to gather material for the next one) with an appeance at Jazzhaus on Thursday October 4th.

Viajero features new members Rachel Antony-Levine on vocals, keyboard, and shekere and Tomas Salcedo on guitar and percussion. When former lead singer Maddy Streicek left Antioquia in March of last year to pursue a solo career, Tomas and Rachel had already hired the band to play their wedding reception. To save the wedding and a cross-country tour they dropped everything, flew out to California, and began rehearsals with Antioquia in April 2011.

Antioquia's style combines progressive rock and funk with traditional music from Colombia (the origin of the band and its name) and rhythms of West-Africa and the African diaspora. Their debut album, Gringolandia, probed the power structure for weak spots and was described as "a wild ride through the center of the Earth and into the depths of the soul," (Brian Echon, West Coast Performer). Antioquia's sophomore release, entitled My Piano Ate the Front Page of the San Francisco Chronicle, showed a band howling for the awakening of human consciousness in spite of the occasionally dubious influence of the mass media. Randy Ray of described the album as "very unexpected... magical... sophisticated and memorable." Dennis Cook of Jambase included it on his Dirty Impound's Best Albums of 2010 list. He wrote "echoes of Fela, Pere Ubu and Talking Heads ping around in their sound, but none so much to overshadow the original voice rising in this young band. Where headlines scream of bloodshed and despair, Antioquia shouts back something brighter, a blaze born of humanity's innate vitality and drive towards freedom, connection and purpose."


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