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  • Event posted: Nov. 20, 2012
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

Starting at 9pm and running until 2 in the am...SUPER NERD NIGHT is back! Right around the corner from Astrokitty itself, the Bottleneck is the new venue for an expanded and even more awesome night of drinking, drawing, video-games, movie-watching, music, singing, Magic, and more!

Drink & Draw: There will be a theme, there will be prizes, and you will have access to cheap markers, crayons, and pieces of chipboard to draw on! Enter our theme contest and win stuff (prizes awarded at midnight) or just draw for fun! All drawings will end up in our online gallery! :)

Geekaraoke: Try your best to do your very own version of a randomly-chosen theme song or geek anthem. Prizes will be awarded based on applause!

SINemascope: Take a drink every time you witness one of the 7 Deadly Sins playing out on our selected (and mostly muted) films! How do you win? Well, if you finish your drink, you win the chance to buy yourself another! Plus, who needs all those pesky brain cells? Goes throughout the night!

The Magic Seal: If you show up at 7pm, you can play in our MAGIC SEALED DECK event! $20 to play! Keep what you open! We'll have sleeves and deck boxes for purchase as well. The event will be multiple rounds swiss pairing if we have enough players! Bring a friend! Winner goes home with a FAT PACK! (NOTE: entry fee for remainder of the night will be waived if you play in the Magic event)

Electric Bar: 8 monitors & 8 different old-school video-game systems, for all to play! Want to try a different game? Just ask the Electric Bartenders to switch it up!


astrokitty75 5 years, 4 months ago

Actually, this event description is ooooooooold. Tomorrow's event, our pre-Thanksgiving show? It's more like this:

7pm: $20 Magic sealed deck event featuring Return To Ravnica! Play in the event and get into the rest of the night for freeeeeeeeeee!

9pm: General admission doors open...for all the enjoy the video-gaming, board-gaming, card-gaming, art-making, music-listening, and prize-getting! Just $3 gets you in! Jigga-watt?

10pm: New Suede takes the stage, blowing your mind into the aether!

10:30pm: Strider slashes future forces to drops of debris with his ballistically brutal beats.

11pm: A secret performance of some kind? Expect something Robocopter-related! And, of course, consciousness-altering. Make sure your tracking chip is activated!

11:30pm: Dropjaw will have you needing a replacement for your face after he's done delivering his sermon of lyrical science!

12:00am: EBONY TUSKS!!! The thousands of pounds of genetically modified elephantine rhymes takes the stage and gets your weirding devices twitching. You'll be a pile of sentient jelly when he's done with you...!

Post-ET? Well, more awesome Sci-Fi-Hip-Hop playlist goodness and even MOAR GAMING AND PRIZES! We'll be doing it until 1ish in the am!

18 to enter, 21 to drink! Everyone who pays to enter will get to play BLINGO, our interactive prize-acquiring experience!

VIDEODRONE...our old-school video-gaming experience will be full of hip-hop and sci-fi games! Everything from NES to now!

THE BOARD ROOM...our board/card-gaming experience will have a bunch of awesome sci-fi games to get down with! Everything from Star Munchkin to Martians!!!

COMMISSION IMPOSSIBLE...our panel of artists will endeavor to draw what tickles your fancy...for a price! Greg Smallwood, Jacob Rhodes, Tina Fabert and more? Oh, just wait and seeee!

SOUL CARICATURES, by LORD JULIUS PANHANDLE...can he see your soul? Why does he need those goggles? What part does alcohol play in his strange abilities? Give him a tenner and he'll do his thing...and you'll get a caricature of your very inner being!!!

GEEKDRINK SPECIAL...there's always an awesome drink special courtesy of the Mos Bottleneck Cantina barstaff!'s like BINGO, but you win bling. Well, by that we mean prizes! Let's make it rain, humanoids! Prizes from LIBERTY HALL, GAME NUT, FUN & GAMES, ASTROKITTY COMICS, VINTAGE STOCK and more!!! You gotta be in it to win it, though. People who take part in all the parts of SuperNerdNight are the only who stand to win a prize!

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