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Potter Lake Project Benefit concert--Sunday, November 18. Featuring Forrester, Felix Greene, and Sharp 9. At The University of Kansas from noon to 5 pm.

The purpose of our benefit concert is to educate and create support from the Lawrence and KU community on one of the richest traditions we have here at KU, Potter Lake. Potter Lake's location makes it susceptible to many environmental problems like run off and invasive species.

Environs is hosting this concert to raise funds so that sustainable measures can be implemented to benefit the lake. These include planting native and wetland plants in the lake to fight pollution and help improve the lake's health and ability to support populations of fish and other critters.

Potter Lake has enhanced the student experience of every generation at KU. With your help we can reach our goal and continue to preserve Potter Lake.

Come Join us for a beautiful November afternoon to share with one another the value that Potter Lake provides. Our concert is featuring three student bands, slam poetry, and speakers from students, faculty, and WPO members.

All are welcome: past, present, and future Jayhawks (Jayhawk pups too!), friends of KU, and the local community. There will be games, recycling arts and crafts, and complementary hot chocolate, cake, and popcorn.

We request donations of at least $3 per person to attend and are grateful for all levels of support. For outside donations contact Commerce Bank at The University of Kansas Union for donating to the Environs account. All proceeds will go directly to the restoration of Potter Lake.


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