Lawrence’s 2nd LGBT Summit


Event details

Free and open to the public, families welcome Cash bar and light refreshments will be available

Don't miss this robust program - one that not only promotes the understanding of the LGBT community, but also provides valuable insight into some issues facing the Lawrence community.

6:30-7:00: Candidate mixer 7:00-8:30: Program 8:30-9:00: Candidate mixer

Speakers: --Jay Pryor, Emcee, Owner of Pryor Consulting --Bob Schumm, Mayor of Lawrence and Owner of Schumm Food --Stephanie Mott, Executive Director of the Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project (K-STEP) and Chair of the Kansas Equality Coalition (KEC) --Jay Wachs, General Manager of General Manager of Great Plains Media --Luc Malik Bensimon, Full-time Drag King --Rev. Longbottom oversees the Gathering of Grace worship service, Young Adult Ministries and Youth Ministries at Plymouth Church --Diane Silver, independent writer, editor and photographer based in Lawrence --Jessica Pryor, Environmental Consulting for Larsen & Associates, Inc --Lawrence Queer Youth Voice --Scott Criqui, Chair of the Lawrence Human Relation Commission

This years highlights: Speaker topics incude: faith, family, gender affirmation, culture evolution, race, and politics. Candidate mixer, before and after event All local officials and candidates have been invited, this includes City, County, State, and Federal. Information on local resource *Information on how to contact and educate your local law makers

Elected and Candidates Attending Barbara Ballard, KS Rep. 44th District Paul Davis, KS Rep. 46th District Paula Gilchrist, Douglas County Treasurer John Wilson, Candidate for KS District House 10 Aron Cromwell, Lawrence City Commissioner Michael Dever, Lawrence Vice Mayor Mike Gaughan, Douglas County Commissioner 1st District Hugh Carter, Lawrence City Commissioner Nancy Thellman, Douglas County Commissioner 2nd District Vanessa Sanburn, Lawrence School Board Member Greg Williams, Chamber President and CEO Rick Ingram, Lawrence School Board Member Randy Masten, Lawrence School Board Member Kay Pensnall, Douglas County Register of Deeds

Elected and Candidates Possible Attending Tobias Schlingensiepen, Candidate for 2 US-KS House District Charles Branson, Douglas County District Attorney


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