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Music and Interfaith Experiences


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  • Event posted: May 31, 2012
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Another Thursday has arrived! Time to kick back and unwind to the grooves of our topic this week. We're talking about music and interfaith experiences.

This topic is brought to us by Kathryn Ray. She is a Baptist who wrote an awesome article on how a Muslim peace-activist is creating music that she connects to spiritually.

I really dig this topic, because I've spent most of my life shifting through different faith traditions. Some spiritual paths have even provided really meaningful experiences for me, even if I did not agree with their religious practices.

Have you connected with a variety of faith traditions? Did it happen through music or something else? Are these experiences important and what do they tell us about the divine?

The author, Kathryn Ray, ultimately decided that even though she connects to Muslim songs spiritually, she wanted to remain in her Baptist faith. Do these interfaith experiences suggest that religious traditions are inadequate or unnecessary?

Bring your stories and share some drinks at Henry's bar upstairs (5:30-7) Peace, Kayla


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