Monthly Roundtable Discussion on Living in Spiritual Extended Families (Christian Community)


Event details

Maybe at the first meeting we can discuss the community aspects of the Feb. 28th two hour PBS documentary "The Amish":

And then contrast the Amish with the Hutterites who live with the latest technology but with similar community goals:

For one such example, the Amish limit their access to automobiles to help keep their communities together. While the Hutterites have nice automobiles, they have "extended family household rules" that accomplish the same goals as the Amish.

Maybe at future meetings we can discuss the book "When the Church was a Family" by Joseph H. Hellerman.

Please come share your thoughts and tell us about your community experiences!

More information (including resources about the 2006 Amish school shooting) available at (note is “.cc” not “.com”)


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