The Revolution Circus Art tribe Arrives in Lawrence KS

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What: The Revolution Circus - Bands, Art, Burlesque, & Circus Sideshows Where: The Jazzhaus of Lawrence 926.5 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 66044 When: Saturday June 16th 8 PM

NOTE: This is also an invite to come and meet with the touring group if Artists would like to join!

Starring: Art Show By: Betsy Barratt

Music By: Mercury Mad (KC/Lawrence/Madison) Glam Rock Apocalypse Theatre (Minneapolis MN) Pirate Industrial Illusions Fate (Chicago) Chicago Metal

Sideshows: Burlesque by: Panties Inferno: Belly Dance by: Bel ruby Hoops by: KC Vibe Tribe

Touring Art & Music Gypsies who reject the corporate road to "Joy". JOIN THE CIRCUS & RUN AWAY FROM HOME!

Description The Revolution Circus is a Touring, Tribal, Gypsy, Art & Music Movement. Managed & Hosted by Apocalypse Theatre & Mercury Mad. Currently on it's third tour they are always looking to book and take other acts as well as visual art on the road. To find out more read everything below.

Reject the corporate road to "Joy". Theatre of The Apocalypse or Neo Apocalyptic Renaissance Tribe- Life, is short and we should do our best to help each other complete our Artistic dreams, to your ends and ours :)

The Revolution Circus is built by respect for all Art forms & skills that may enhance the current mundane cultural norm beyond that of jobs, snacky cakes, & sitcoms. It is our firm belief that the world is in need of Artists to recolor and and reshape it. We therefore welcome Painters, Designers, Fashionistas, Glitterati, Sideshows, Burlesque, Tribal Dance, Drum, & Music Groups, Hoopers, Ravers, Dancers, Jugglers, Clowns, & counterculture from all walks of life to join the Gypsy Circus Tribe and help us fight mundanity by living the spiritual & artistic life we feel is right for us!

ART THAT EVOLVES, GROWS, & NEVER STOPS MOVING: This event changes as the collaborative efforts of the artists change. Music changes from tour to tour as well as the artists, sideshows, & performers involved. The Circus pays allegiance to Art & Movement, not the industry ... We are a DIY, independent, and flexible tribe who lives for artistic growth & creativity.

Interviews & Permissions contact:
Phone: Mercury Mad 785-979-6829 Email:

Links: Pictures/Video/EPK

2012 EPK Publicity with pictures:

Video Promo:

Revolution Circus: http://


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