Reading & Signing: David Hann, author of RIVER MEMOIR


  • Categories: Literary
  • Event posted: June 3, 2012
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

Stories of the unexpected. A circus brings the Masked Strangler to a small town. Practical jokers get their comeuppance. A chance meeting with a mysterious dog takes a few mysterious turns. An old man turns the tables on two smart alecks. Fishing trips alternate with fun and danger. A storm in the North Pacific makes life exciting for young Marines on board a troopship heading for Okinawa. A1966 clash within the Vietnamese army brings confusion and tension for Marines in DaNang. A peaceful float trip turns into a fight for survival in a flash flood. An elderly Ursuline Sister spins a tale of emigrant life in Chicago. A young man finds that his guardian angel can’t always protect him in a summer job at a steel plant. How do chickens get to market, and what if turkeys figure things out? A deer and a would-be-rescuer come to an understanding. Two friends discover the virtue of knowing the phase of the moon. And more stories of fun, fear, and folly.


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