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William Stringfellow


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  • Event posted: July 26, 2012
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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William Stringfellow is a theologian from the 1960’s who influenced Dr. King among others. He is in high regard among Liberation theologians and the like. However, he is, in a way, neo-orthodox…. Boooo, hisssssss, wait, maybe, yea! Who knows? But I do know this, he was recommended to me as a must-read by one of the top 5 professors I have worked with in my life.

At tap tonight, let’s talk about William Stringfellow’s first book: A private and public faith.

Below I have excepted from the preface, a synopsis of the book:

“As I find it, religion in America is characteristically atheistic or agnostic. Religion has virtually nothing to do with God and has little to do with the practical lives of men and women in society. Religion seems, mainly, to have to do with religion. The churches--particularly of Protestantism--in the United States are, to a great extent, preoccupied with religion rather than with the gospel.”


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