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Super Nerd Night has returned after hiding from the terrible horror that was 2011! 2012, though, sees the nation's original SNN back in a new, LARGER venue! The Bottleneck is our new home, which is awesome, and this January 25th you'll be treated to a stupendous amount of RADNESS not normally found packed into one single night, let alone one bar!

A portion of the cover for this one night of pure geekgasm will go to this year's primary charity! About SF!

At 7pm, we'll be running a Magic: The Gathering SEALED DECK EVENT for $20! Event attendees will get into the rest of SNN for free with their entry!

Doors open at 9pm, though, when the rest of you will be welcomed to a world where geek and drink meet! For a mere $3 ($5 for anyone under 21), you'll gain access to an event featuring all this and MORE!

FOXY BY PROXY™ BURLESQUE REVUE KISSING BOOTH! (get a peck from one of the FBP girls, but bring your donation dollars!!!)

VIDEO-DRONE™ OLD-SCHOOL GAMING BAR! (multiple retro gaming systems featuring various games, request our Video-drone bartender to hook you up with a different game when you want to try one, possibly win random prizes!!!)

SINEMASCOPE™ SILENT FILM/DRINKING EXPERIENCE! (watch silent films, participate in a drinking game based on witnessing the seven deadly sins in a film, "win" inebriation!!!)

DRUNKENDRAW™ THEMED DRAWING CONTEST! (drink alcohol, use our supplies to draw stuff, enter to win prizes!!!)

COMMISSION IMPOSSIBLE™ SKETCHING FOR DOLLARS! (bring your $ and an idea for a drawing you want to have our panel of talented cartoonists/comic artists produce! go home with an original piece of art for $5-$10! a portion of the proceeds will go to our charity of the year... )

All this and MORE? Oh yes! TWO BANDS will be playing that night! Taking the stage around 10pm, look for R-TYPE FINAL...who will warm up the crowd for the majesty that is RADAR DEFENDER! ( )

AboutSF will have an informational booth present, as well, which you can also donate to while learning about our 2012 charity of choice!

Also, there will be DEMOS for various card/board games sold at Astrokitty throughout the evening! Play in or watch a demo and get a coupon to order a game at a discount!

(Prizes provided by ASTROKITTY COMICS & HASTINGS! Films provided by LIBERTY HALL! Videogames provided by GAME NUT! Other games provided by ASTROKITTY COMICS or various individuals!)


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