The Power of Compassionate Confronting


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What drives our decision to confront or not to confront someone? What are the messages and impacts of our choices, both to us, and to others? Are the outcomes congruent with our desires?

   The Power of Compassionate Confronting

Choosing whether to confront others is an integral part of life, whether in our work, community, or in our personal lives. In this 3 hour interactive workshop we will look at our energy and the choices we make around confronting others, and explore Compassionate Confronting: A technique by which we bring awareness to behavior with compassion, understanding and support.

When: Wednesday February 15, 6:00 P.M. Where: Unity Church of Lawrence, 900 Madeline Lane Cost: $30.00 Contact: Steve Hester 760-608-9627 Email: Visit:

Workshop will be limited to 15 participants, please reserve your spot via email, website or by phone.


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