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  • Event posted: Jan. 26, 2012
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Today we are going to discuss calling in reverse!

The best talk I have heard about calling is when someone says “calling is matching your greatest talents to the world’s greatest needs.” So let’s do a little of that, but in reverse.

What are the greatest needs of the world? Should we be thinking on that big of a scale or should we be looking locally. Are these needs physical, mental, spiritual or ecological? Are the world's needs, like, one big thing or a lot of little things? PS What would Abraham Maslow say about all of this?


Where do you fit in? What are your greatest talents? That’s right, we are doing a skills inventory…. How do your talents match up with the needs of the world?

Finally a little bit of theory:

It is rumored that if you do what you are called to you will never want for anything. Is that true?

And does “calling” have to be about your job or can it be something else? Americans always think its about jobs…

Well, here are a bunch of awesome questions and ideas, I hope you can come to Tap tonight and add some of your own ideas. Tap meets every Thursday from 5:30-7 at Henry’s bar upstairs.

See you there- Josh


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