KRAMPUSFEST 2012 feat. Melting Point Of Bronze, Iron Guts Kelly, Loadblower, & Sister Rat


Event details

Krampus is a goat-horned, pointy-eared mythical demon of late 19th century Alpine folklore. An ominous Christmastime specter of black, wiry fur, cloven hoof, and talon foot, Krampus roams the street, slithering his long, piercing tongue of admonition at all the naughty children. Krampus accompanies St. Nikolaus on his annual feast day. Serving as the big guy's muscle, Krampus mercilessly beats bad boys and girls with birch switches and rusty chains. Truly horrendous children are collected in a sack or woo den basket and later tossed into the pits of hell. All the while, jolly old St. Nick doles out gifts to reward good, God-fearing children. Come celebrate the arrival of KRAMPUS with Metal and Punk Rock DEPRAVITY and assorted NAUGHTINESS. Featuring: MELTING POINT OF BRONZE: IRON GUTS KELLY: LOADBLOWER SISTER RAT:


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