Under the Table Presents: Under the Big Tap - A Circus Spectacular!


Event details

The Huge World Wide Premiere of Card Table Production's new Under the Table Series at Frank's North Star Tavern. Featuring:

Universally Renown Circus Ringmaster Mssr. Gregor Chivalas Savant and his band Timmy.

The lovely lascivious ladies of Foxy by Proxy

Bad Girl Medicine Show

Snake Oil Salesman Jay Maus

Mark and Heather! Words. Songs.

Rover Ric Averill

Much Happy Comedy from Mysterious Far East: Lo Fi!

Confessions of a Bearded Lady!!

And the Abortion sketch!

All topped off with an amazing Finale--the lovely Lotte Hochbeflugen's death defying tightrope walk literally hundreds of feet above the floor of the basement!

All for $1-$4 dollars depending on the ROLL OF FATE!!


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