Fast Food Junkies & Kentucky Knife Fight


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Each Fast Food Junkies album keeps getting better and they just released their 4th one - "Your Dying Day". Everyone should know who the Fast Food Junkies are by now...if not; they can best be described as grunge meets bluegrass! These lyricist write songs about hot roding, love, road rage, pets, derby cars, human emotion and of course Fast Food...and mixing all that with amazing harmonies and banjo picking.

Kentucky Knife Fight's music evokes images of smoky bars where wood paneling lines the walls, rooms and worlds covered in shadow and stained with liquor. The St. Louis five piece create songs about desperate people doing desperate things in places they shouldn't be. But the worlds they sing about aren't all dark. They have songs about living in the moment, recklessness, that freedom you feel at the wheel and of course... sex. All of this built by a thick framework of riffs and rhythms that are rough and raw around the edges. There is a seductiveness to their music that draws you in while the driving bass and drums force you to move. If there is a jukebox at the end of the universe you will find Kentucky Knife Fight between The Stooges and Tom Waits.


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