Final Friday Car Party and Toy Car Racetrack at the Watkins


Event details

The Watkins Museum invites car and local history enthusiasts of all ages to celebrate the dramatic move of its Milburn Electric Car.

When the Milburn car was moved from its second floor home of 37 years, it couldn’t simply be pushed up the staircase. It received a custom-made rig to take it out the front door, around the corner of 11th and Massachusetts and up into the air via crane before sliding carefully through a third floor window to its new spot.

To celebrate the Milburn’s move, the Watkins will stage Lawrence’s Longest Toy Car Racetrack as part of the monthly Final Friday. Visitors are invited to bring Matchbox-style cars to race down the track set up on Watkins grand staircase. Photos of the Milburn’s journey will be on display, and members of the Lawrence Antique Auto Club will be present to talk about the car’s history: its origins, its home at the museum and its most recent adventure.


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