READING AND SIGNING: Maggie Koerth-Baker, author of Before the Lights Go Out


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  • Event posted: Aug. 23, 2012
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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The Raven Book Store will host a reading and book signing at 7 p.m., Thursday, August 30, at The Raven (6 E. 7th St., Lawrence, Kan.). The event features Maggie Koerth-Baker.

Book: Before the Lights Go Out is about some of the big-picture nuance that gets left out of the day-to-day chatter about energy. What are the big trends that will shape what we can and can't do over the next 40 years? How does our electricity infrastructure work, and why is that infrastructure a lot more interesting (and a lot more complicated) than most laypeople realize? There's a lot of storytelling, and some fun and funny history of how our current infrastructure came to be. There's critical analysis explaining both why we have to solve our energy problem, and why solving it is going to be harder than many climate hawks want to believe. In general, the book is meant to make a confusing subject accessible and offer a more nuanced perspective on a topic that tends to be very ideology driven. At The Raven, Maggie will talk about the weird, messy history of electricity, and the ways that writing online can help build a better book.

Bio: Maggie Koerth-Baker is the author of Before the Lights Go Out, a book about electricity and the future of energy. She is a columnist for The New York Times Magazine, and the science editor at, one of the most widely read blogs in the world. A member of the board of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, Maggie's work has appeared in magazines such as Discover and Popular Science, and online at sites like National Geographic News and Scientific American. The Raven Book Store is located at 6 E. 7th St., in Lawrence, Kan. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. For more information on Raven events, please visit the store’s website at


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