Puberty Wounds (Baltimore) Self Mutilator (ICT) Whole Kogan (Lawrence) Vestibule (KC)


Event details

Tonight at the Jackpot, 943 Mass., there will be a four-band show of punk rock and heavy metal. Headlining the act is Puberty Wounds, the noise-punk group from Baltimore, along with local bands Self Mutilator from Wichita, Olathe-based Vestibule and Lawrence’s very own Whole Kogan. This all-ages show starts early at 8 p.m.; tickets are $3-5.

Puberty Wounds - Noise-Punk from Baltimore Self Mutilator -Toy-Casio Sludge-Pop from Wichita Whole Kogan - Powerslop from Lawrence Vestibule - Noise rock from Olathe

ALL AGES/EARLY SHOW - 8pm-11:30pm


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