Reading & Signing: Louise Krug author of Louise: Amended


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  • Event posted: March 9, 2012
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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After graduation, 22-year-old Louise Krug moves from Kansas to Southern California. She has good looks, plenty of charm, a handsome boyfriend who shares her glossy dreams, and the beginnings of a designer wardrobe. Even before she starts her new job as reporter at a local newspaper, US Magazine offers her a freelance assignment tracking Britney Spears (to see what Britney’s eating, if she’s smoking, if she has cellulite, if she’s pregnant), providing her a first foothold in the world of celebrity journalism. But this future disappears in an instant. A previously dormant cavernous angioma—a Medusa's snarl of twisted veins buried within her brain—ruptures, and within minutes leaves Louise with double vision, facial paralysis, and a dragging foot. Louise Krug

An unflinching and darkly funny portrait of sudden disability and painstaking recovery, Louise: Amended (On Sale Now at The Raven) presents not only Louise’s perspective, but the reaction of her loved ones as well. In fictional interludes, we see what it must have been like for Louise’s boyfriend to bathe her, or for her mother to apply lipstick to her nearly immobile mouth. Reminiscent of such narratives as Anne Patchett's Truth and Beauty, Louise: Amended is an unforgettable story of one young woman who, like so many others who have suffered life-shattering injuries, discovers that she is capable of much more than she ever imagined.

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