DJ Vs Drums :::: w/ Dj Kimbarely Legal & Drums by Dylan Bassett and Sean B.


  • Categories: Afrobeat, DJ
  • Event posted: March 13, 2012
  • Last updated: March 14, 2012

Event details

DJ VS Drums, a monthly dance party which has been going down since 2010, is happening Friday, April 6th @ the Taproom. After opening for Seun Kuti the week before, Resident DJ Kimbarely Legal and drummers Dylan Bassett (Sunu) & Sean B. (Hearts of Darkness) will return the next week at the Taproom to play. Our night combines live elements with the DJ mix to create a night which is informed by dance culture, improvisation, and heady beats. DJ Kimbarely Legal has the FRESHEST cuts from the afrobeat/funk/salsa producers from the coasts! This includes Afrobeat, Funk, Salsa, afrohouse, West African percussion, and Samba, and the best of dance/percussion fusion. The drummers use these tracks as the base to elevate the dance floor and kick out some amazing grooves. ::This is DJ VS Drums:: Dj Kimbarely Legal Dylan Bassett (sunu) Sean B. (Hearts of Darkness)


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