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The Raven is excited to welcome Matthew Porubsky, and his new book of poetry from Woodley Press!

Matthew Porubsky is an internationally published poet. His first book of poetry, “voyeur poems,” was awarded the Kansas Authors Club Nelson Poetry Book Award in 2006. His various art pursuits have been honored by the University of Kansas, The Kansas Humanities Council, The Topeka Capital-Journal and other community/arts organizations. He is an occasional contributor to seveneightfive and XYZ magazines. He works as a switchman for the Union Pacific Railroad and lives in Topeka with his wife and children. Visit for more details about books, films and poetry readings.

Synopsis of Fire Mobile (the pregnancy sonnets): Fire Mobile is a poetic narrative beginning with the joining of two lovers and culminating in new life. Its sonnets speak from the voice of a man observing the mysterious, transformative, unpredictable progression of his beloved’s pregnancy. The mundane and the bizarre are domains playfully traversed in its pages as well as profound love and an awe for the creative capacities of the human body.

Praise for Fire Mobile: “Matthew Porubsky writes into the “answer that spins secretly in plain sight” when praising the mystery of the life force through poetically unfolding the pregnancy of his beloved. FIRE MOBILE, a powerful collection of sonnets, calls us to reclaim the beauty of the human body, gestation and birth. What makes this book particularly astonishing is that its generative and generous celebration of the sacred feminine was written by a man, who, in writing this, shows us the hard-won and shining soul of real love.” - Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Poet Laureate of Kansas

Also reading: Leah Sewell is a freelance graphic designer, facilitator of the Topeka Writers’ Workshop and editor of XYZ Magazine. Her poems have been published in journals including Coal City Review, Blue Island Review, Inscape and Flint Hills Review. She also has work forthcoming in the 150 Kansas Poems anthology, Begin Again. She lives in Topeka, Kansas with her two children and husband, Matt.

Stella Robbins, artist by vocation and poet on the sly, does gallery work in oils, but gets much satisfaction out of drawing. She tries “not to let a day go by without putting down a line”. A traveler by nature, Stella’s work tends to be eclectic, with landscapes, animals and people given equal sway: a travelogue of life. These are her first illustrations for a book but she has done illustrations and publicity for community theater and drawings for children. Stella lives in Kansas.


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