Mochipet, Polish Ambassador


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The purple-dinosaur-suit-wearing producer known as Mochipet is a week away from releasing his latest LP, Chicxulub (artwork above), for the 1320 label. Here, we have the record's first single, an energetic slice of epic beat work that matches videogame-style arpeggiators (check the title) along with an over-powering breakbeat and a healthy dose of low-end rumble. Considering "Yoshi's Dinosaur Egg Hunt" is only the second track of the album, which is said to serve as "the soundtrack for an animated novel in which the dinosaurs make their way through the impact of the comet believed to have destroyed them," it's safe to say that Chicxulub is going to be one propulsive collection of boom-bappery when it drops August 16. You can check the full tracklist (which begins to outline the dinosaur novel's plot line) after the jump.


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