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“The Lord's Prayer”


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  • Event posted: March 3, 2011
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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The Lord’s Prayer is pretty interesting… many of us were taught it as a child and many people consider it important to their faith.  But what are the real words? Why do different traditions pray it differently (Debts/sinners/trespassers/forever and forever or just forever)? If we don’t pray it, are we not going to get our daily bread? If we don’t pray it, are we going to be lead into temptation? Why would God do that? What does this prayer call us to do?  Who does it imagine God to be? And what does it think of us? Does this prayer change who you are? Is it integral to your faith practice? Do you have a better prayer than this one or is this appropriately THE one?

Come with your own questions- come with your own answers. Everyone is welcome to Theology on Tap every Thursday 5:30-7 at Henry’s bar upstairs.


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