Joe Jack Talcum (of Dead Milkmen!), Samuel Locke Ward (of Miracles of God), The Bassturd, Coolzey


Event details

Tonight's show at the Replay, 946 Mass., features a dead milkman, a miracle of God and a bassturd. The Dead Milkmen's Joe Jack Talcum headline's tonight's lineup of misfit toys. Talcum's solo work is much darker than his material with the milkmen, but still retains the raw nature that made some many of the milkmen clung to so tightly. He is touring in support of the split album "Just Add Tears," which features Samuel Locke-Ward in addition to Talcum. Locke-Ward, a member of Miracles of God is also present and will open for Talcum. Locke-Ward's music is dark, but far more manic. Finally, we have The Bassturd, an irreverent, lo-fi hip-hop act out of Las Vegas. If you're not offended at least once, during his performance, you're not listening closely enough. The show starts at 10 p.m.


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