Dark Time at the Granada with Jay Maus


Event details

Come see the only Jay in late night LIVE at the Granada in beautiful Lawrence, KS. SEE! Local comedians ply their expert craft! SEE! The rockingest late night house band, the Dark Time Bandits! SEE! A Lawrence cultural phenomenon take form in front of your very eyes! SEE! The bottom of two or three or five pint glasses- you can call in sick the next morning if you're not a weenie, right? JAY'S GUESTS ON THE 15th: Will Averill, Adri Pendergrass, Blair Lobb, Ed Parker and Frank Allbritten - plus whoever else drops by the part! Stick around for the Dark Time After Party, where we will cut loose, rock out, and have Andrew WK-sized fun together. '''~_~''' BE THERE OR OVEREAT AND FALL ASLEEP WITH REGRET '''~_~'''


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