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  • Event posted: Jan. 11, 2011
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LEGENDARY LAWRENCE ACT REUNITES AT IT'S OLD HAUNT WITH IT'S OLD FRIENDS! Here is a lost gem from the Midwestern indie rock crop during the early to mid-nineties. The album is Helium Octipede by the Lawrence, Kansas group Zoom. Those that haven’t heard this record have truly missed out on something special if you’re a fan of quirky but complex indie rock from that time period. Zoom also had an album out before Helium Octipede, which was Self-Titled and came out in 1991 on the Lotuspool label. While still pretty good, it wasn’t until this album that they would be fully clicking on all cylinders, stripping down their sound some and allowing their natural talents to shine through more so than they could before. That and their songwriting had improved a fair amount too, which is saying a lot considering their debut was pretty solid. It’s unfortunate however as this would prove to be their final album as well. Unsurprisingly Helium Octipede received little to no exposure and ultimately did the band in. On the Allmusic website it mentions Polvo once in their tiny review of Helium Octipede, which is actually pretty spot on I feel. It’s probably not as overly warped and quirky as Today’s Active Lifestyles, however it’s a fair comparison. Songs like “Balboa’s Cannon” and “Letter From Allen” will speak for themselves anyway. After Zoom broke up singer Mark Henning played in the Bells for a bit and can currently be found in The National Trust. Bassist Jeremy Sidener ended up joining the amazing Panel Donor to play guitar. They are yet another band I will eventually get around to posting about on here. You can currently find Sidener playing bass with Danny Pound of Vitreous Humor fame in his band The Danny Pound Band. Drummer Chris Cosgrove spent a tiny bit of time in Dis- and that’s it as far as I know. MOUTHBREATHERS WILL OPEN THIS SHOW!


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