Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy / Honky Suckle / Tyler Gregory


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After 2 years of energetic shows and the formation of a solid local fan base, Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy is still bringing the ruckus to dives and dumps across the Midwest with their unique blend of Country, Blues, Dixieland, Folk, and searing straight-up Kansas Ungrass. Sure to bring an energetic drink 'em up atmosphere to any venue, CNS is a band you need to see live.

Honky Suckle blends rock and punk influences. They bring a real intensity seldom heard. Self restraint allows these musicians to pump out consistant on-point arrangements, while still being able to unleash rythmic and individual prowess when warrented. A unique blending of four and five part harmony round out the sound that crowds have come to love. Rowdy live shows and genuine emotion leave people wanting more. Don't miss a live show, you won't forget it.

Hailing from the rolling hills of Kansas, Tyler Gregory can regularly be found busking on city streets with his deep voice and steam-powered melodies bouncing off the street-side architecture. His sturdy songcraft takes cues from WWII-era blues bellowers like Leadbelly and Son House. Gregory's mix of blues and roots music howls with a sense of passion and freedom. Singing songs portraying stories of travel, land, and the meaning of simplicity, Gregory goes full force on his guitar/stomp-box live performance arrangements.


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