Tyler Gregory / Monzie leo and the big sky / Whiskey Dik / Ashes To Imortality


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Tonight's show at the Jackpot, 943 Mass, couldn't be more of an antithesis to Kanrocksas' giant, multi-stage festival. No, tonight's show is intimate and personal and at a mere $5, it's affordable as well. Singer/songwriter Tyler Gregory performs a simple acoustic set, focused on Gregory's personal songwriting. He is joined by Monzie Leo and the Big Sky, a duo who rely on jangling guitars and boot-stomping rhythms to appeal to crowds eager for straight-to-the-gut, high speed folk music. Similar sonic revelry can be expected from Whiskey Dik and Ashes to Immortality, which open the show. It starts tonight at 10 p.m. and is for people 18 and older.


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