Mary Magdalan, Freesol


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With the stagnation that has plagued music for the last several years, the world has been in sonic deprivation. That void has now been filled with the brutally beautiful sounds of Mary Magdalan. This Hollywood band has burst on the scene at god speed. The sound is the brainchild of Gzus H and Mary Magdalan. What started out as a chance meeting led to one of the most intense and honest portrayals of art to hit the music scene in decades. The lyrics are an introspective into the mind of an addict. Whether the addiction is drugs or dissolution with reality, Mary Magdalan speaks the language of America's disenfranchised youth with candid and sincere honesty.

The music is a deep perspective on the road with a child of addiction. The loss of family, the mistrust of addicts, the inner turmoil and loneliness that haunts so many children across the globe is living testament to the sound of Mary Magdalan. Record producer Shawn Rivera put it best upon first listen when he said, 'Mary Magdalan is the voice of the lost and enraged...


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